Bit of a run down on the projects I have going, have planned, and have finished.

Graphic Novels:
BREAKDOWN – 300+ page book. Written. Briefly on hold while I finish the following mini-comics. Once done with those, this becomes my sole focus save for the occasional short (less than 10pgs) story.

BLACKIE – Being written. Waiting to finish Breakdown because this will be another hefty book clocking in with over 200 pages.

HELLHOUNDS ON MY TRAIL – 85% done. Once the art is finished, I’ll be “editing” it, and redrawing pages that might need to be redone considering the sometime gaps between working on pages.

BOSTON STRONGBOY – Finished. In the process of scanning and putting together a PDF for sale soon.

MY GEEK FAMILY – Written by Doug Hahner, and penciling has started. It’ll be 26 pages, and printed by Gray Haven Comics once it’s done. It’ll probably be available digitally as well, but that’s up to them.

FERNANDIDO e BARTOLOMEO – Needs to be written. Waiting until the other mini-comics are finished before beginning this. Most likely it will be inkwashed, which is why I want to make sure to just be focusing on this.

SHORT STORIES COLLECTION – Ongoing. Each short story will be available for free digitally, and eventually collected (once I get about 100pgs worth) into a digital book with some unseen shorts done specifically for the book.

FARMER BOY – Written. Currently drawing and updating one page every Friday. It should end up being 50-60 pages and take the entire year to finish. Once done, it’ll be collected in a digital book with extra materials.

THE LEGEND of TANIN – Currently updating on every week. I assume the site will collect the story into a mini-comic. If not, I’ll definitely be collecting it as a digital book for sale once it’s complete. The book will have plenty more material than being put on the site.


About donaldelay

Small press cartoonist. CNA. College Student. Curmudgeon.
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