Apocolypse Bunny

1 March was, for some reason, dubbed “creator owned day”. The idea was that you were supposed to create your own character, draw it, and post it online. Fun idea, until everyone decided NOT to do it. The only people who mentioned the day also mentioned how every day is creator owned day for them. The other half of the people who mentioned it just recommended creator owned books to read.

Well, I did it. I decided I wanted to do a riff on the TORTOISE & THE HARE story set to the backdrop of bullet car racing. Then I remembered Skottie Young’s APOCOLYPSE BUNNY.


I just find the idea of it adorable, and fun to draw.

So, my tortoise went from being a rookie racer going up against the veteran badass Bunny racer to a 400yr old Tortoise with a mounted rotary gun on his shell that remembers the “old times”.

It was fun to sketch out, so I drew it.


About donaldelay

Small press cartoonist. CNA. College Student. Curmudgeon.
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One Response to Apocolypse Bunny

  1. Louisa says:

    Hello Donal,
    I’m writting from France, I like your drawings!

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